10 Hacks For A Summer Body Year Round


by Kelsey Yoor July 12, 2018

10 Hacks For A Summer Body Year Round

Just because summer is only one season out of four, doesn’t mean you can’t keep rocking it all year-round! You gave yourself a solid foundation from summer, so the rest of the year means maintenance time – which is much easier to keep up with. Wanna keep that beach bod even when it’s 20 degrees out, snowing and you’re snuggled up under layers? Sure, you do – and here’s some easy hacks for how you can!

Commit Just a Little – but Commit!

workout planner

Even if it’s just five minutes a day – set a daily allotment and follow through. Even small time commitments, when stuck to on a daily basis, become ingrained habits. Plus, five minutes may not seem like a lot on its own, but when you add them all up, it makes a difference!

Lose the Soda


And not just the soda – sugary juices, sweet teas, fancy dessert coffees, all of it. Liquid calories are empty calories and just one can of soda can push you past your daily optimal sugar intake. Reach instead for clean, pure water or try our those naturally essenced, unsweetened seltzers as a great way to add flavor back into your drinking diet without the calories.

Cooking at Home? Opt for Flavor Over Fat


When you are cooking at home, particularly meats that can already tend to lean towards the higher fat end, try to infuse flavor with spices such as oregano, fresh herbs, citrus, basil, etc. Try and choose spices over salt, too, to reduce sodium which is way healthier and will lead to less bloating.

High Fiber & High Protein – Highly Recommended


A diet rich in protein and fiber will be essential. You want to eat to feel full and these guys will help you meet that goal without going overboard on the calories. Ward off the hungries with healthy fillers like quinoa, hummus, eggs, etc.

Keep the Carbs Low


Look, we love bread and pasta and pizza as much as anyone, but the bottom line is: you gotta cut back on carbs to maintain a trimmer figure. We’re not saying go crazy and cut them all out – you’re setting yourself up for either failure or a lifetime of sadness – but definitely reduce your intake. Carbs fill you up without providing as much energy for your body and tend to be higher in sugars.

Get an Accountability Buddy

workout buddy

It’s a lot easier to skip the gym or cheat on your meal plan when you just have to answer to yourself – it’s a lot harder when you know you’ve got a partner you’ll need to be truthful with. Having someone going through the same stuff will motivate you to stay on track and give you someone to help you through your ruts.

The Magic of Meal Prepping

lunch box prep

Having a healthy figure year-round means not just making rash decisions but rather committing to lifestyle changes. One of those changes means taking your lunch to work or school rather than falling victim to tempting quick (unhealthy) eats. Prep your meals out on Sundays so you know just what you’re eating and when and you can control your nutrition.

Hack the Menu

ordering from menu

If you are eating out, you can still do all you can to stay healthy. Look out for words like “breaded” or “smothered” or “sautéed” as those dishes tend to be high on the fat meter. Opt instead for items that are grilled or steamed or focus on the veggies, especially if you are on a low-carb diet.

Selfies Over Scales

gym selfie

Like Cher from Clueless, only trust Polaroids! Snap weekly or monthly selfies so you can visuallysee your progress. The numbers on a scale are important and should be tracked, but they shouldn’t 100% define progress for you (and things like muscle weighing more than fat can be misleading.) If you have documentation of your weight loss you can pull up and feel proud of in a glance, you’ll be more inclined to keep on trucking.

Eat Before & After Workouts


Depriving your body of nutrients around the time when you are asking it to do the most is a recipe for disaster. Give your body the energy it needs to get your workout done and the fuel after to recover. So go eat some almonds and kick some ass!

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