10 of The Trendiest Celeb Makeovers to Copy When You’re Feeling Yourself


by Kelsey Yoor February 02, 2019

10 of The Trendiest Celeb Makeovers to Copy When You’re Feeling Yourself

After years of makeup minimalism, celebrities are finally treating us to more than just a thin layer of mascara and some barely-there nude lipstick. Thanks to the rise of the ‘80s again in 2018, everyone is now getting more adventurous when it comes to makeup. In 2019, we are about to witness more of the brightly-hued and bold makeup looks. The latest trends suggest that you should get out of your comfort zone and play. Whether it’s painting your lids in a vivid shade or rocking thick feline flicks, celebrities are here to serve the ultimate inspiration. Take a look at the trendiest celebrity makeup looks to copy when you are feeling extra AF.

Rock 2019’s Biggest Eyeshadow Trend - Green Lids

Green is usually that leftover eyeshadow in your palettes that you somehow never use up. The red carpet appearances this year, however, predict a bright year for green eyeshadow. After being overlooked for so long, green shadow has now inspired multiple celebrity makeup artists to create stunning looks. It’s a surprisingly flattering shade for every eye color, but many ladies are still afraid to give it a try! If you want to hop on the green eyeshadow trend, here are some tips to get the most of this color:

  • Start with a neutral transition shade and build it up with green.
  • Make your light eyes pop with darker shades of green.
  • Those with darker eyes can opt for lighter tones of green to bring out the warmth of their eye color. According to color theory, green eyeshadow looks best on warm brown eyes. However, green can look beautiful on every eye color !
  • Ladies who want to play it safe can use green eyeshadow with hints of either gold or silver in it.

There are many ways to paint your lids green, so get creative! Lucy Hale’s stunning turquoise/ forest green mix is one of the boldest ways to rock 2019’s trendiest eyeshadow. Her makeup artist Mai Quynh mixed metallics and shimmers to achieve this statement-making look. If you are short on time, green eyeliner will also do the job.


Paint Your Lids Pastel

From pastel outfits to pastel hair, it’s safe to say that Hollywood is obsessed with pale tones. Without a doubt, the infamous millennial pink is still one of the most popular choices among celebrities. Aside from this universally flattering pastel representative, there is an array of soft colors that are getting more and more attention.  

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz sported a glorious baby blue makeup look. The blonde beauty redefined bold proving that a strikingly beautiful pastel shade can make a huge statement. If you find vivid hues too intimidating to play with, pastel shades can give you the confidence to wear daring looks. Chloe went for a barely-there lip gloss to leave the accent on the eyes - if you feel that you need something stronger than a nude lip, go for a bright fuchsia one.  

Revive The ‘80s With Purple Eyeshadow

The experimental ‘80s are back in all forms from excessive glitter to purple eyeshadow and this beautiful shade is not going anywhere soon in 2019! The unblended electric makeup look seen on Shanina Shaik is a reference to the ‘80s with a modern twist. You can recreate this exact monochrome look or tweak it a bit. The model can pull off this elongated look thanks to her beautiful almond-shaped eyes. You can modify it a bit depending on your eye shape.

To nail the same makeup look, you need both mattes and shimmers. A little bit of blending is involved, but keep the edges sharp. If you have round eyes, you can keep the eyeshadow rounded to make your eyes appear bigger.

It all comes down to how loud or toned-down you want your look to be. For instance, if blending is not your strong suit or you don’t have much time, rely on creamy formulas. With creamy eyeshadows, you can’t really go wrong even if you are a beginner. This formula allows you to play with any shade that you want even purple. You don’t need a brush because finger application works best with creams. Start applying the eyeshadow on the center on your eyelids. Then, with the leftovers on your fingertips, bring the product toward your brow bone for a diffused look. For a bolder effect upgrade the look with a pop of shimmer. You can use pigmented shimmery eyeshadow, metallic one or pigments. Apply the product with a flat brush.

Switch Your Go-To Black Eyeliner for a Colored One

Hued eyeliners are no longer just a teenage girl thing. Kylie Jenner’s go-to makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, created this beautifully contrasting look using warm eyeshadow as a base. The gold hint on the lids makes the purple feline flicks stand out even more. As you can see, this would’ve been just another neutral makeup look if there wasn’t the purple eyeliner. The almost neon pop of color elevates the look making it perfect for all the gals who are not afraid to experiment.

All you need to recreate this eye look is a neutral transition shade, shimmery gold eyeshadow and purple eyeliner. (Pro tio: a matte lipstick works in a pinch if you don’t have hued eyeliners in your makeup collection.) You can finish off the look with a glimmering lip gloss, but why stop there? Apply a lipstick that matches your eyeliner to spice things up!


Electric Blue For an Electric Mood

Last spring, cobalt blue had a major moment thanks to KKW X Mario eyeshadow palette. Blue is back in the game to make your eyes pop!  As a cool tone, it can make brown eyes stand out. Ladies with all eye colors can pull off this shade, but according to color theory blue looks best on brown eyes. Model Winnie Harlow made her dark brown eyes pop with vivid blue eyeshadow.

To nail this look you need a matte shade applied all over the lids. Use a flat brush to get that pigment pop on the center of your eyelids. Blend out the eyeshadow with a fluffy brush creating a soft feline shape. Don’t get overwhelmed by electric blue eyeshadow if you haven’t played with color before. Monochrome looks are the easiest to copy because you don’t have to worry about that smooth transition between shades. All you have to do is start soft and build it up to your liking.

Bold Mix of Bright Colors

Cardi B likes her makeup just like her personality - bold and loud! The rapper showcased another way to wear blue eyeshadow. Mix two or a few vividly-hued eyeshadows if you want to spice things up. This cool tone combo will get all eyes on you whenever you decide to show up.

The star’s go-to makeup artist, Erika La Pearl, nailed two big trends in one makeup look. Besides the bright blue eyeshadow, she opted for colored eyeliner to finish off this makeover on a high note. You can use a pigmented matte eyeshadow as an eyeliner. To make those feline flicks pop, Erika overlined them with black eyeliner. She topped the look with a pair of dramatic falsies that accented Cardi’s eyes even more. Go for this colorful makeup look if you are feeling yourself just like the famous rapper does.

Pink is Not Just a Color - it’s an Attitude

From pastel to neon, the pink color has the power to make a statement. Whenever you feel like you want to wow them all, this girly shade will get you on point. Shay Mitchell is one of the celebs who love to experiment with their makeup looks. No wonder why she managed to pull off this big pink moment like a real pro! (Fun fact: The actress shares the same makeup artist with Kylie Jenner.) Ariel Tejada went for elongated makeup look for a sexier effect.

There is a little trick that can try to make your blending as seamless as Ariel’s. After applying the eyeshadow, dip your fluffy blending brush into a translucent powder.  Dust the excess off and go over the areas you want to blend out. The translucent powder will help you nail this barely-there feline eye makeup look. Even Kim Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, swears by this trick. He regularly shares it on his masterclasses and it's the easiest way to improve your blending.

Double Up On Fuchsia

If you are feeling a little bit more extra than a soft pink, go for vivid fuchsia.

This shade would look gorgeous on both blue and green eyes - all the attention is on the eyes thanks to the contrast between the eye and eyeshadow color. Ladies with brown eyes also look gorgeous with fuchsia eyeshadow. As a matter of fact, there isn't a color that doesn’t look beautiful on brown eyes!

Katy Perry is one of the biggest makeup chameleons with a special love for color. In fact, she proved that the best way to make blue eyes pop is with bright pink eyeshadow. She took things to another level with the matching lipstick and, if you are not afraid of color, feel free to steal her gorgeous makeup look.

Bring The Drama on Your Lids With a Cut Crease

Cut crease makeup is big on Instagram in case you haven’t noticed by now. Perfectly cut creases dot require practice but luckily, celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo, showcased an easier way to pull off this makeup technique on your eyes. Instead of creating a sharp line, he went for a more diffused look.

Note that you need to have the right eye type to wear cut crease makeup. Dove Cameron has no issues with pulling off cut crease makeup. However, ladies with very hooded eyes might struggle a bit to pull off the cut crease so effortlessly. One trick that can make cut crease work for hooded eyes, though? Look straight in the mirror with your eyes open. You need to work with the space that’s visible when you have your eyes open. Cut the crease higher than your actual eyelids even if that’s part of your hood to create an illusion of bigger eyelids. A lot of ladies with hooded eyes can rock cut crease makeup thanks to this trick.

Thick Meow Flicks

Bold eyeliner is also not for everybody - some eye shapes can’t carry such heavy lines and you can’t wear bold makeup with a shy attitude! Bella Hadid has revealed that she doesn’t wear much makeup outside of the spotlight. However, she has no issues with pulling off dramatic makeup looks on the red carpet. Hung Vanngo is her go-to makeup artist when she feels extra AF. He can do any makeup look, but ultra-glamorous ones are his thing.

You can recreate Bella’s big meow moment with a few products. Use black eyeshadow to create the thick wings and, for a blacker and bolder effect, you can use a bit of gel eyeliner on top. To balance out the heavy eyeliner, Hung Vanngo used shimmery beige eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes. He also added a barely-there lipstick in a satin finish to leave all the attention on the eyes.

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