10 Simple Things You Can do to Destress


by Kelsey Yoor February 02, 2019

10 Simple Things You Can do to Destress

It’s a push push push world out there and, with all we have going on, sometimes the thing that gets lost in the shuffle is our own self care. When that happens, it’s easier for stress to build up inside us like crazy - so don’t let your frustration hit peak volcano! Destress with these 10 simple things instead:

Take a Hike

(Or, you know, go for a simple stroll around the neighborhood.) Getting outside in the fresh air will clear your head, boost those endorphins and get you out of feeling trapped or in a rut by physically removing you from being in one place for too long. Your mind can wander and those worries will work themselves out.

Snack (Healthily)

Hey, we’re conditioned to associate food with reward and happiness, so why not take advantage of that with a healthy choice! Stress is directly related to both the mind and the immune system - and staying full and healthy is a big part of keeping your immune system happy. Have an avocado, a handful of nuts or some crunchy carrot sticks to boost your mood.

Go Offline

We know you can’t avoid the online world forever, but being bombarded by alerts and feeling sucked in all the time is a huge contributor to stress. Turn off the phone, disconnect from your computer and look away from your tablet for even ten or twenty minutes a day and you will feel yourself being able to pull yourself out of a whirlwind. Trust us - tht email can wait a minute!

Music Magic

Put yourself in a good headspace with some happy or calming tunes. “Music soothes the savage beast” isn’t just a saying - it’s rooted in physiological truth! Turn up the tunes and turn on the instant dopamine.

Chat up a Friend

We are, by nature, social creatures - herd animals, if you will - and so basic human connection is hardwired into our systems to be a source of comforter and a diffuser of stress. Call, text, even go see them in person - your friends can help!

Get Crafty

DIY crazes and Pintrest popularity aren’t just a fluke - crafting can be good for your mental state! Repetitive motions, pretty colors and a sense of accomplishment from making something pretty with your own two hands is tailor-made for calming your stress.

Get a Plant Friend (No, Really)

Not only are they pretty and contribute to cleaning the air, scientific research has actually shown that being around plants can set off relaxation responses in your body. Plus, you’ll have something to care for and a soothing new room accent!

Watch Something Funny

There is nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned silly cat video to break up the growing weight of existential dread you feel! Watching a funny or cute video induces smiling and laughter, which actually kicks off an internal chain reaction of happiness.

Try Yoga

Stretching your muscles and centering your mind not only relieves body tension, it relieves internal tension, too. When your brain is focused and your body is aligned, you’ll feel the positive results right away.

Deep Breaths (A Classic for a Reason)

Just keep breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin -  Ariana’s got it right!Breathing in deeply makes your body feel like it is in a relaxed state, gets oxygen to your brain and your heart and reduces blood pressure. So deep breaths! You got this!

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