7 Books That Will Get You Through Any Breakup With Dignity

by Ivana Hamilton February 22, 2019

7 Books That Will Get You Through Any Breakup With Dignity

All of a sudden the love of your life thinks that “you should stay friends.” Or you caught your partner sleeping with someone who’s definitely not you. Even if you are the one who called it quits, separation hurts. What are you supposed to do with all those feelings and time that until now you have dedicated to your ex? Read! Dive deep into books that can help you heal your broken heart, declutter your mind and get back on the dating market. Here are our top 7 sanity-saving picks to get through any breakup without losing your mind and dignity.

1. When Your Heart Is Broken and You Can’t Stop Crying Read“Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak: by Writers Famous and Obscure”

Six Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak by Writers Famous and Obscure breakup books

If you can’t make yourself do anything except eating pizza and stalking your ex on social media, know that you are not alone! Want to feel a bit less miserable? The six-word memoirs edited by Smith Magazine will put a smile on your face even in the toughest moments of your post-breakup phase. Real people share their personal experiences in only six words that reveal pretty much the whole story. You’ll see that a lot of people, just like you, had to deal with heartbreak or even unwanted publicity - “He posted our sex tape online.” Ouch!

2. If You Need a Reminder of How Strong You Are Read“Tiny Beautiful Things"by Cheryl StrayedTiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Your partner cheated on you? Someone you love has passed away? Do you feel that your life sucks right now? Read this book. Cheryl Strayed is the expert millions of people have turned to in an attempt to cure their broken hearts. It’s a compilation of her best pieces of advice as“Dear Sugar” columnist at“The Rumpus”. In the moments of your biggest despair“Tiny Beautiful Things”will remind you of your strength. It’s that one book that helps you deal with every unpleasant thing life has thrown your way.

3. If You Want to Start Dating Again Read“Tales of The City” by Armistead Maupin

Tales of The City By Armistead Maupin breakup books

If you need reassurance that breakups aren’t always that tragic, pick up “Tales of The City.” Armistead Maupin takes the dating scene in San Francisco as an example to prove that life is so much fun when you are single. The book contains short passionate romances and fun one-night stands that will make you put on that freakum dress, and enjoy all the wanted attention you get from hot strangers on a night out.

4. If You Can’t Stop Asking Yourself “What If?” Read“The Post-Birthday World” by Lionel Shriver

The Post Birthday World by Lionel Shriver breakup books

When those daunting “what if’s” refuse to leave your mind,“The Post-Birthday World” will keep you busy with someone else’s dilemmas. Children's book illustrator Irina McGovern has it all from a successful career to a dreamy boyfriend. He’s loyal, smart and successful - you couldn’t ask for more! However, one night Irina finds herself dying to kiss their old friend who’s so irresistibly stylish and passionate. Lionel Shriver gives a comparison of Irina’s life - on one side she gives in to the temptation, and on the other side, she continues to live her normal life. The moral of the story - you’ll get to realize that there's no use in comparing the real and the “what if” world!

5. If You Want to Believe in Love Again Read“The Price of Salt” by Patricia Highsmith

The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith breakup books

Ahhh, there’s no doubt that love hurts. But, you have to escape that miserable post-breakup place and move on. If you need a powerful love-wins story to chase away all the bitter feelings you have about your ex, pick up this book with a relatively happy ending.“The Price of Salt” is a 1952 pioneering work of lesbian romance that defeats stereotypes about homosexuality. Two women fall in love and run away together hoping to leave their old lives behind and live happily ever after.  It turns out that’s not possible, but true love always wins, right?

6. If You Need a Reminder That Getting Married to That Person Would’ve Been The Worst Mistake in Your Life Read“Revolutionary Road” by Richard Yates

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates breakup books

Maybe he just wasn't the one. Maybe“Revolutionary Road” is the portrait of a failing marriage that will make you realize that staying with your ex would’ve been a huge mistake. Frank and April Wheeler appear to be the perfect couple: young, beautiful and talented, with two children and a house in the suburbs. Wait until you read about the way they talk to each other. It seems that Frank and April use every opportunity to hurt and disgust each other. It's a story about two people who betray one another and themselves. You wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, right? So, wipe off your tears and get over it, hun!

7. If You Want to Mourn Your Lost Love Read“Glass, Irony, and God”by Anne Carson

Glass, Irony, and God by Anne Carson breakup books

Love poetry because you are a masochist. In the first stages of your post-breakup life, it’s totally natural to mourn the change of your relationship status. In those moments of miserable solitude, you might want to get Anne Carson’s“Glass, Irony, and God” and read until you drown in your own tears. Let’s be honest, you will cry after a breakup until your face turns tomato red, so why not cry on beautiful love poetry? As painful as it sounds, you need to get those tears out of your system. After all, you don’t want to accumulate all those destructive and negative feelings and explode one day. This book will help you let it all out ASAP!

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