9 Ways To Detox Without Too Much Effort


by Kelsey Yoor July 12, 2018

9 Ways To Detox Without Too Much Effort

Sweat those toxins, babes! We know that giving your body a break and hitting the reset on your clean living can be a major help to your health, but we also know that the thought of digging into the detox life can seem daunting and, well, like too much! Lucky you, though, because there are actually some ways you can be a detoxing diva without going the crazy distance.

Cut the Alcohol


This one may sound like a bummer for your Saturday night plans, but something as simple as abstaining from alcohol for two weeks (hey, maybe even make it a full month!) will give your liver a much needed break and allow it to work harder on breaking down other toxins, when it’s not bogged down by booze.

Ditch the Dairy


No need for a full-on detox diet of drinking water/lemon/cayenne exclusively. Making just one food group cut for a few weeks can truly make a world of difference. Skip the cheese and the milk for a bit and you will feel the difference. Dairy tends to build up inside of you and slow down liver function so eliminating it is a detox dream.

Viva la Vitamins

vitamin pills

Sometimes it’s not about cutting out something, but rather adding something better! Taking certain vitamins can really make a difference. Vitamin B, for instance, aids in your liver breaking down heavy metals and solvents while Magnesium is an activator for detox enzymes.

Do Sweat the Small Stuff


Saunas have been around for ages for a reason: your body sweats out what it doesn’t need. Sitting in a steam will open your pores, coax toxins to the surface of your skin and then flush ‘em on out!

Water is a Winner

glass of water

This is one detox staple that cannot be overstated: you need to stay hydrated. And by stay hydrated, we mean with pure water, not sugary substitutes. You should take in a minimum of 64 ounces a day to support your kidney and cell rejuvenation. Add a little lemon to increase glutathione (a detox compound found in the liver) as well.

Sleep it Up


Yup, you heard that right! Sleep is an important time, actually, in which your brain does its own cleansing of waste and toxins and your body is allowed to focus on breaking down unwanted compounds. Commit to a full eight hours for at least a week and you will feel the difference!

Dry Brush, Baby

dry brush

The skin is thought to be responsible for a quarter of the body’s detoxification alone, so don’t ignore it! Stimulate the blood circulation at the skin level and kick start the epidermis’ own detoxing with some light brushing by a dry scrub brush or pumice stone.

Opt for Organic


When you can, switch your fruits and veggies for organic ones. Since they come pesticide and preservative-free, you are automatically ingesting less chemicals and toxins into your body and will keep your insides clean.

Kick that Caffeine Habit

green tea

We’re still thinking the easy route here, so we’re not saying give coffee the boot forever. But if you swap out your morning coffee for herbal tea or even green tea, you are eliminating that excess caffeine from your body which can be stored as a toxins in your body.

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