Behind the Scenes of our Fave Films!

by Kelsey Yoor February 02, 2019

Behind the Scenes of our Fave Films!

Have you always wanted to be in the Hollywood know? Are you crazy about what goes on behind the camera? Check out these fun facts and Easter eggs about the making of some of our fave flicks!



  • On the track that introduces The Joker,Why So Serious, Hans Zimmer (the conductor) actually had musicians play stringed instrumentswith razors to perfectly capture the villain himself.
  • That Joker lip licking? It wasn’t just a character tic - Heath Ledger had to in order tokeep the prosthetics on, and evolved it into a character mannerism.
  • Like that cinematography? It was the first movie to film using IMAX cameras!



  • Vivien Leigh was protested. Yes, people getting up in arms about a casting choice isn’t just something new to the Twitter era. The United Daughters of the Confederacy were appalled that the lead would be played by an English women - however, they were silenced when told that instead, the part may go to Katherine Hepburn because in their eyes, it was better a Brit than a Yankee!
  • The writing of the script was reportedly so crazy, that it is reported Selznicklocked himself and his staff in an office and refused to allow any food other than bananas and peanuts, as he thought it would slow the creative process.
  • “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” may be an iconic line today, but producers had to fight tooth and nail against censors at the time to prevent it from being changed to: “My dear, I don’t care.” Can you imagine?



  • It almost got real meta. At one point the audience was going to be in on the true Truman experience, with Weir, the director, considering installing live cameras in theaters and then cutting to that feed on the screen, effectively bringing us all into The Truman Show proper.
  • Truman Syndrome is real. At least five documented cases have been presented by psychiatrists of patients believing they are the subject of secret reality shows.
  • Classified(s). Once Truman starts to catch on that things are not what they seen, the control room director (Paul Giamatti) can be seen skimming the classifieds - he knew he would soon be out of a job!



  • Lindsay Lohan wanted to be Regina George, but after her hit with Freaky Friday, studios wanted her for the protagonist lead.
  • Amy Poehler, who played Regina's mom, was actually only seven years older than her onscreen daughter, played by Rachel McAdams
  • Glen Coco is real! Or at least, there really is a person named Glen Coco - and he's a friend of Tina Fey's.



  • Sean Connery (yes, Bond!) was originally wanted to be Gandalf - but he didn't understand the script!
  • Aragorn really was a badass. At one point, Viggo Mortensen got his tooth knocked in half in a fight scene, and he just super glued it back in and went about the shoot.
  • When walking through the marshes, Bill the pony wasn't, erm, Bill the pony in that scene. Because of the difficulty of working with a live animal in swampy conditions - and concerns for safety - Bill the equine was swapped out for two people in a realistic pony costume!



  • That famous scene where Gene Kelly is actually singin' and dancin' in the rain? Yeah, he was killing it while battling a 103 degree fever for many of the takes!
  • The much beloved Good Morning song and dance scene took 40 grueling takes to capture! Debbie Reynolds once famously said her little blue shoes were filled with blood at the end of the night from all the hoofing.
  • Ah, censorship. You may have noticed the film cuts oddly at one point during the Broadway Ballet with Cyd Charisse - that's because she executed a perfectly normal ballet move of wrapping her leg around Gene Kelly, but censors thought it was too suggestive and improper and had it edited out.


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