Big to Small Screen

by Kelsey Yoor February 02, 2019

Big to Small Screen

You know what’s really cool about living in the post Golden Age of TV/streaming glory days? A lot of our fave films have been given an extended life on the small screen, with new stories, new characters and deeper times spent in our favorite stories. Have you checked out these shows that made the leap from feature film toTV series?



An anthology series set in the Coen Brothers’ Fargo world, each season is technically a standalone, yet weaves together in clever ways, with the first season even containing a clever throwback to the ice scraper of the movie.

Lethal Weapon 


A fave buddy cop action comedy of the ‘80s has found a new life on a network versus a big screen carrying over main characters and the fun themes that made the movie so well-liked.

The Exorcist 


Sadly just recently cancelled after two amazing seasons, this TV adaptation started with an adult Regan and her family’s continued haunting and expanded into something deeper and truly immersive.



Everyone’s favorite Scottish fantasy not only grew from movie to multiple iterations of a TV show, but also included animation, books and comics!



A unique instance where the ensuing television series outgrew and became more beloved and recognizable than their movie source!Stargate SG-1 kicked it all off, reimagining O’Neill as a more lovable Colonel (and ex-MacGyver) and the franchise grew to include two further spin-offs.

What do you think - are the movies or the shows better?

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