Fave Books of the Famous

by Kelsey Yoor February 02, 2019

Fave Books of the Famous

We all have favorite books. And we all have favorite authors. And though those authors may seem far-off or in their own unique stratosphere of literary fandom, it just so happens that authors are firstly readers, too - with favorite books of their own! Here are some of your favorite authors’ favorite books:


The Lord of the Flies - William Golding

Widely quoted as struggling to pick a favorite book, as he has so many and his interests and moods fluctuate, one book that comes up time and again in his top lists isThe Lord of the Flies. It’s not hard to believe, either, a there is darknesses at the heart of this novel - and a horror that originates from human nature.


Emma - Jane Austen

First and foremost, Rowling’s all-time favorite author is Jane Austen so it’s no surprised that an Austen novel,Emma, is her favorite book. This sprightly tale of a strong, independent woman navigating the classism and sexism of her time with brevity and a light heart is an excellent fit for this intelligent author - she has lost count of how many times she’s read it, but it is well over 20 times at least.


The Museum of Extraordinary Things - Alice Hoffman

Calling it a modern-day Bradbury heir, this novel appeals to this author’s thirst for excitement and secrets. Full of intrigue, twists and well-polished prose, this is a page turner that Koontz can still read over and over again.

Will you check out these famous favorites?

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