Page v. Screen

by Kelsey Yoor February 02, 2019

Page v. Screen

Have you flipped your way to the end of any number of beloved novels? If you like reading them, how do you feel aboutwatching them?

A number of our favorite literary classics also have some pretty cool movie adaptations. Have you seen any of these?


Perfectly released in the year 1984 as well, this dystopian adaption still hits home. John Hurt strikes a nerve as Winston Smith, whose job is to rewrite history and truth into an alternative view of the facts to suit his country’s leader, in a performance that sticks with you past the final credit roll.


As moving, unsettling and haunting as the book is, the 1945 film adaptation may be even more so. Expertly cast all around, this film is notable for being 99.9% shot in black and white, saving a startling, momentary switch to color film to show the grotesque horrors of Dorian’s hidden painting.


Whether you saw the movie before reading the book, or reread the book after having watched the film, it is universally accepted that Gregory Peckis Atticus Finch. Capturing the many layered tone of the novel, this 1962 film covers the highs and lows of coming of age, the dark underbelly of racism and the triumph of spirit of the everyday good man.


A tale as sweet as this - and featuring such memorable characters as a talking pig and talking spider - is perhaps best captured in the animation of the 1973 released movie. If you’re looking for something tender, something moving and something that encapsulates a bittersweet ending perhaps only animation can, this is a must!


Though a 2018 remake was recently released, I’m taking us back to the classic 1966 interpretation as a film that really made an impact. The dystopian future is shown in its true light through the eyes of a slow burning (no pun intended, I swear!) reluctant rebel and though the movie’s ending differs from the book for a bit of a happier conclusion, the overall tone looms large.

How do you feel about books turned into movies? Do some just work better than others?

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