Pop, Pop, Popcorn!


by Kelsey Yoor February 02, 2019

Pop, Pop, Popcorn!

One of the best things about going to the movies is getting to eat that buttery, delicious. It is so associated, in fact, that we tend to pop up a bag or two when watching even at home. But justhow did popcorn become the preferred foodwhile watching a flick?

Well, to start off, theaters actually wanted todistance themselves from popcorn! Back in the 1800s, popcorn was acheapand preferred treat atcarnivals and sideshows and so, when (silent) movie theaters began popping up, they wanted to be a classier affair and more associated with real theaters, and so refused to serve food altogether. Since all movies were silent and subtitles had to be read, a movie was still seen as a something of a more educated affair.

However, with the advent of the talking pictures in 1927, a whole new demographic was suddenly interested in going to the movies - especially as this coincided with the Great Depression and was a relatively cheap form of entertainment.

In the wake of this new popularity,street vendors began taking up outside of movie theaters to sell snacks to patrons. And what was the cheapest option? Popping kernels, of course! Once movie theaters got wind of just how much money people were spending on this snack, they first moved to allow food vendors to sell inside the lobby for a fee, and then cut them out altogether and started selling it themselves.

Popcorn was further helped into popularity during WWII whensugar was rationed and so candies and other treats were not easy to come by - there was, however, no shortage of corn, and so it became more and more the dominant snack sold at movie theaters.


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