The 9 Biggest ‘90s Fashion Trends Today


by Kelsey Yoor October 05, 2018

The 9 Biggest | ‘90s Fashion Trends | Today

The ‘90s are all that again - and back in a big way! From the runways to fab street style, the decade that brought us grunge,Friends, and a super cool optimism is popping up all over in outfits, accessories, and footwear. Don’t get stranded in the wrong decade - here are some of the top ways you can rock this era into your own wardrobe.

Combat Boots

combat boots

This staple of the cool kids in the 1990s is the perfect footwear to add a little bit of edge to any outfit. Whether you’re sticking with a military theme or want to and some rock ‘n roll by pairing them with a floral dress, you can stomp down the street knowing you are right on trend.

Muted Flannels

dark flannel

FromMy So-Called Life in 1994 to your life in 2018 - grunge-y flannels are back! Release your introspective, angsty inner teenager with a layered flannel in deep blues, grays, or muted burgundies.

High Waists & Crop Tops

crop top and high jeans

Bare upper midriffs only, please. What has been dubbed the ‘mom jean’ for the past decade or so is suddenly high fashion once more. A super high waisted jean, cinching just around the midsection, paired with a crop top is an ultimate nod to the fashion-forward ‘90s. Pro tip? Make sure the waistband fits well with minimal gaps and opt for a baggier leg over something tighter to get the most flattering fit.

Bright, Matching Plaid

yellow plaid set

As if! If you heard in the immortal voice ofClueless’ Cher Horowitz, are you ever gonna love this resurfaced trend - it’s a total Betty. Bright plaids (especially yellows) that are worked into matching skirt/top of pants/jacket sets are suddenly all the rage once more for those truly gifted fashionistas ready to strut their stuff across the cafeteria or over to the Galleria.

Slip Dresses over White Tees

slip dress

A pairing as classic as mac ‘n cheese: the slip dress and the white tee. Delicate, minimal, and yet effortlessly cool, a solid or plaid slip dress layered over top of a simple white crew neck T-shirt is peak ‘90s. Rock the look to perfection by pairing it with some combat boots, some chunky platforms, or some slip on sneakers.

Socks with Heels

heels with socks

Whether it was sporty socks or some solid ones with a little frill, one unmistakably ‘90s trend was wearing stiletto (or chunky) heels with socks. It may seem a little out of place, but this was a time when clashing of styles and attitudes was done with purpose and you can’t deny the look is so cute. Plus, as a bonus, your feet are blister-proofed!



The undisputed It necklace, the choker as a necklace added a little bit of cool girl edge to any outfit. It pairs perfectly as an accessory to a Nirvana-inspired tomboy ensemble or with a pink slip dress as something a little bit rough around the edges.

Denim Skirts

denim skirt

A little bit casual, a little bit still rocking a girly flare, the denim skirt was the perfect multi-vibes piece. The trend ran the gamut of styles, too, from light to dark wash, short to long length, minimal design to patches and pockets - in fact, that sort of ‘anything goes’ attitude applies to this trend once more today!

Sporty Stripes

striped athletic wear

Athletic chic was the casual way to keep it cool in the best decade ever, and we’re seeing those same stripes run up again! Typically in blues, blacks, reds, and whites, this Olympics-level aesthetic is back as an effortlessly fashionable nod to being ahead of the curve.

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