The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type


by Ivana Hamilton February 21, 2019

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type

Beauty brands are not exaggerating - there is a real need for the many types of mascaras on the market! Every mascara wand serves a different purpose or is designed to cater to a different lash type. Finding the right mascara for your lashes is as important as finding the moisturizer that works best for your skin. Many ladies buy mascara without taking into consideration their unique lash needs and the product’s features. Different wands and formulas create different eye looks. To satisfy all of your mascara needs, you may need a few different ones to achieve both that natural and a more glamorous effect. Here is the ultimate guide of every type of a mascara wand to give you the lashes of your dreams!

Traditional Bristle Wand

  • Best Use: Volume

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type bristle mascara wand

Was your very first mascara with a bristle wand? In the sea of different mascara brushes, the traditional bristle wand is the OG. The nylon bristles pack a lot of product which is perfect for swipe-and-go situations. You can get a set of fluttery lashes with just one coat of mascara. This type of mascara wand is also gentler on the eyes than plastic ones. One of the downsides is that you might experience some clumping when applying mascara with traditional bristle wands.

Traditional Plastic Wand

  • Best Use: Separation and Volume

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type plastic mascara wand

You probably have tried tons of these in your life! Plastic mascara wands are perfect for volume. Plastic holds less product than other materials which makes these mascaras good for separation. Some mascaras make it so easy to ruin your makeup look because they grab a lot of product on the wand. You won’t have this issue with traditional plastic wand mascaras. However, you will need to apply a few coats to get the desired look.


  • Best Use: Enhance Short or Sparse Lashes

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type comb mascara wand

If you have short lashes, you need a wand that can grab every single lash. Mascara with a comb wand will help you get the most out of your lashes no matter how short or thin they are. Your lashes can't handle bulky wands. You will make a mess if you opt for one of these. Another thing to avoid is heavy mascara formulas because you don’t want to bring more weight than your vertically-challenged lashes can hold! The extra bulk will weigh them down and make them practically disappear.


  • Best Use: Get to Those Corner Lashes

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type cone mascara wand

No, this not a specific mascara type for your corner lashes. The thing is that your inner and outer corner lashes often don’t get the much-needed attention. The cone wand is designed to make sure every lash from start to finish gets a coat of mascara. Thanks to the thinner end your inner corner lashes will finally get some love. This type of mascara is perfect for busy ladies. You must have that one friend (or maybe that’s you!) that applies mascara in her car while driving to work. Tell her to get a mascara with a cone wand for a speedy application on the go!

Inverted Cone

  • Best Use: Volume and Length For Every Single Lash Type

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type inverted cone mascara wand

You’d be surprised how multifunctional is the inverted cone wand. Every lash type from short and long to sparse and full can take advantage of this specific design. The inverted cone wand pulls your lashes upwards and outwards creating a widening effect. It will also make your lashes appear longer.


  • Best Use: Curling Straight Lashes and Every Other Lash Type

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type curved mascara wand

Every lash out there can benefit from a curved wand. However, for those with straight lashes, this is the holy grail of mascara. Have you tried multiple mascaras that have failed to keep your lashes up? That’s most likely because your lash type requires extra support. First of all, involve a lash curler in your makeup routine. Curl one lash and apply mascara. It’s important to coat your lashes with mascara immediately after curling to capitalize as it is still fighting gravity. When it comes to the formula, waterproof and tubular mascaras are your best bet to hold the curl. They also won’t smudge, even if your straight lashes decide to go back to their natural position.


  • Best Use: Extra Extra Length For Short and Long Lashes

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type pointed mascara wand

Mascaras with pointed tip will give you that extra length if you use them in the right way. First, apply your mascara as usual. After that, use the pointed tip to add more length to the ends of your lashes. Ladies with both short and long lashes can use this type of mascara. Those with long lashes can fake rocking a set of glamorous falsies thanks to the pointed wand.


  • Best Use: Volume and Length

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type rectangle mascara wand

This simple wand design might leave some of your scrawniest lashes without mascara. If you don’t lack lashes getting to those might not be your priority. The rectangle wand will give you extra length and volume despite not being able to lavish on mascara to the smaller, ‘detail’ lashes.


  • Best Use: Definition For Short Lashes

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type skinny mascara wand

If you have short lashes, many mascara wands won’t work for you. Mascaras that promise to give you length might fail to catch your baby hairs. The skinny brush, on the other hand, will ensure that there is mascara on every single lash from root to tip. Mascaras of this type will define and elongate your lashes.


  • Best Use: Bottom Lashes

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type mini mascara wand

Thought you’d never be that person that has a separate mascara for the bottom lashes? Think again! If you can’t seem to apply mascara without getting it all over your under eye area, it’s worth investing in one of these. The mini wand will ensure an effortless and smudge-free application. These type of mascaras have formulas that don’t clump, so maybe this is the product you never knew you needed!


  • Best Use: Thickening Sparse lashes

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type jumbo mascara wand

The jumbo wand takes half the time to get your lashes on point than other mascaras. It adds va-va-volume to sparse lashes, making them appear ultra glamorous. The jumbo wand can give extra thickness to both thinner and curlier long lashes. If you prefer fullness over length, this is the right wand for you.


  • Best Use: Reaching Every Single Lash

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type ball mascara wand

No worries, mascaras with ball-shaped wands won’t hurt your eyes. They are designed to get to all those hard-to-reach areas. For instance, traditional mascara wands can’t catch those tiny lashes in the inner corner of your eyes. This funny-looking ball wand will take care of every single lash without ruining your makeup look. Some ladies like to keep these in their makeup bag just for de-clumping or to enhance thin lashes. Having a separate mascara for part of your lashes might sound a bit extreme. Give it a try, and you might notice a big difference in your look!


  • Best Use: Curling and Lifting

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type bubble mascara wand

A nice curl is all you need if you already have gorgeous lashes. The bubble wand will snatch your lashes creating a beautiful fanned out effect. Even if your lashes aren’t full, you can opt for this type of wand if you prefer curl over volume.


  • Best Use: Curling and Volume

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type spiral mascara wand

If you have naturally beautiful lashes, the spiral wand will give them the perfect makeover. This wand is designed to curl your lashes as you roll it. Note that it won’t bring them upwards like lengthening mascaras. The wand is designed to make sure your eyelashes have the right amount of volume as well. It’s a multitasking wand that elongates, curls and thickens - LASH GAME STRONG!


  • Best Use: Fake a Pair of Falsies

The Best Mascara Wands For Every Lash Type hourglass shaped mascara wand

This is much more than a sexy wand! The attractive shape will ensure a lifting effect accompanied by extra volume. Go for this mascara wand if you want to fake a set of dramatic falsies.

To find your favorite mascara, you need to take into consideration your lash type and your preferences. Some of these mascara wands work on more lash types than others, so it’s a bit of a beauty dance. It’s best to choose mascaras depending on the different eye looks you want to achieve. Luckily, you can find a wand to suit all of your beauty moods from natural to dramatic!

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