The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019


by Ivana Hamilton February 21, 2019

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019

Celebrity makeup artists are the best source to turn to when it comes to the latest beauty trends. These pros glam up the most famous faces in the world giving us an insight into what’s hot. According to the A-list glam squad, it’s finally time to ditch the neutral eyeshadow palettes and get creative with color. It’s all about statement eyes and lips in 2019. Makeup artists also suggest more natural complexion without much foundation, contour, and highlight. Feast your eyes on the trendiest makeup looks you will see everywhere this year and get inspired.

Wearable Neon Makeup

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 Kendall Jenner wearing neon green eyelinerPhoto Credit: @maryphillips/Instagram

Many colorful ‘80s and ‘90s makeup trends had a comeback in 2018. This year even neon colors are welcomed in our everyday makeup routine. If you are on the neutral side, this trend might overwhelm you. Worry not, Kendall Jenner has a killer idea how to embrace neon colors without taking major risks. Celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips created sexy cat wings on the model while keeping the rest of the makeup minimal.

If you fear these bright colors, start small. Recreate Kendall’s neon eyeliner or maybe add a dash of color in the form of underliner. As you get comfortable with wearing color, you can get more creative. All-neon lids are also trending among celebrities, so why not give them a try?

Pink Eyeshadow

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 Gigi Hadid wearing pink makeupPhoto Credit: @patrickta/Instagram

Thanks, millennials for making us obsessed with pink! Even the biggest makeup minimalists can’t resist this pretty color. Pink flatters every complexion giving it a youthful flush of color. If you ever thought that you are too old to wear the color that defined your childhood - think again. Beauty brands have worked hard to deliver gorgeous and wearable versions of pink.

Gigi Hadid served a soft pink look that’s easy to recreate. Makeup artist Patrick Ta went for a monochromatic look proving that one can wear pink without much drama. Play it safe and copy Gigi Hadid’s stunning makeup look or experiment with louder pink tones. What’s your pink mood?

Red Lids

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 Cardi B wearing red makeupPhoto Credit: @erika_lapearl_mua/Instagram

Red lipstick is an all-time classic, but what about red on the lids? It’s that warm tone that can bring out any eye color. Everyone looks good with warm brown makeup, right? Think of red as brown’s fiery sister. This vivid shade makes blue and green eyes pop like no other. Red also adds warmth and beautifully accents brown eyes. Cardi B delivered one of the fiercest red looks spotted among celebrities lately. The rapper’s personal makeup artist Erika La Pearl used matte red eyeshadow with pink undertones to create this jaw-dropping makeup look. From all-red glam to red eyeliner, get ready to see the most seductive color everywhere in 2019.

Graphic Eyeliner

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 Rita Ora wearing thick Cat eyelinerPhoto Credit: @patrickta/Instagram

We are getting more comfortable with color, so the eyeliner won’t stay the same in 2019. Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta created these fierce feline flicks on Rita Ora. He kept the skin on the minimal side with maximum luminosity. Without a doubt, you need some serious skills to nail graphic eyeliner. Another thing to take in consideration is your eye type. Some eyes can't hold thick lines.

However, there are many ways you can try the graphic eyeliner trend. Floating eyeliner is another version that’s trending among celebrities. You can also come up with a unique creation that looks flattering on your eyes. To add a playful touch to your makeup looks try colored eyeliners.

Statement Pastels

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 blue pastel makeupPhoto Credit: @storyofmailife/Instagram

Pastels are the best way to get out of your comfort zone without taking major beauty risks. Bright pastel colors such as pale pink, sky blue, peachy and more are taking over Hollywood. There’s a pastel shade for every personality and mood. They look insanely pretty on the eyes that you won’t be able to resist trying this makeup trend. The same applies to lipsticks where instead of classic soft shades it’s better to choose ones with a pastel hint. Swap your nudes and neutrals for pastel shades to spice up your makeup routine.

Glam pro Mai Quynh did this pale blue makeup look on actress Alison Brie. Although she used pastel color, the look turned out very eye-catching. She scored the perfect balance between soft and bold. The flawless cat wings added a dose of sexiness and definition to the makeup look. The white eye pencil on the waterline accented Brie’s baby blues even more.

Gloss Gloss Baby

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 natural makeup glossy skinPhoto Credit: @namvo/Instagram

Anyone had enough of powder highlighters? It seems that celebrity makeup artists are not that attached to mainstream highlighters anymore. If you search under the hashtag #glowjobs on Instagram (be careful not to miss a letter!), you’ll see outstandingly dewy complexions.

Nam Vo is one of the leading makeup artists when it comes to glow jobs. You won’t see heavy contour and powdery texture in her makeup looks. How in the world does she manage to glossify the skin to these blinding levels? One of her best highlighting tips is to highlight your face while your skin is still wet. She works with dewy primers and cream-based products to prepare the skin for “dewy dumpling.” According to the glow pro, wet skin grabs the pigment of the highlighter better. For the most intense glow, she likes to do powder highlighter on top of a cream one.

Believe it or not, she uses oil to prep any skin type from dry to oily. Nam Vo reminds that skin care comes first, so show extra love to your face if you want to amp up your glow game.

Jewel Tones

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 Jasmine Sanders wearing cobalt blue makeupPhoto Credit: @hungvanngo/Instagram

In the sea of bright colors, there are a few that you will see more than others in 2019. Shades of sapphire blue, emerald, and amethyst purple will regularly appear on the red carpet.

There are few tips to get the highest color pay-off when it comes to these shades. For example, to increase the pigmentation of any color, prime your eyelids with black kohl first. Creams also pick up a lot of pigment. You can use cream eyeshadow as a base and layer pigment, metallic, foil or powder formulas on top.

Makeup artist Hung Vanngo masterfully brought all the drama on Jasmine Sanders’ eyes using a few shades of blue. He blended cool matte tones on the eyelid as a base. Then he used gel eye pencil for that pop of electric blue.

Matte eyeshadows require some serious blending skills especially when it comes to bright colors. If you want to skip this step, rely on eyeshadows with a creamy and liquid formula that you can easily apply and manipulate with your fingers.   

Glitter Eyes

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 Amandla Stenberg wearing glitter makeupPhoto Credit: @carolagmakeup/Instagram

You can still use glitter outside of the holiday season! Many beauty brands have come up with user-friendly formulas that make it so easy to play with glitter. Without a doubt, loose glitter can make a mess. You might spill glitter all over the place even if you use a primer or glitter clue. Thankfully, there are pressed formulas and glitter pastes that allow you to enjoy the sparkles without the hassle. 

You would rarely see celebrity makeup artists use glitter in the past. However, the Hollywood glam squad is now embracing sparkling makeup looks in many ways. You can do glitter all over the eye as Carola Gonzalez did on the young star Amandla Stenberg.  All you have to do is pack the glitter on the eyelids with a flat brush for an ultra-glamorous look in just minutes. You can also do glitter accents on certain spots like the inner corners of your eyes or use it as an eyeliner.

Bold Lips

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 Rihanna wearing blue lipstickPhoto Credit: @lisaeldridgemakeup/Instagram

Nude lips are never going out of style, but they got some serious competition in 2018. More and more celebrities dare to wear both bright and deep colors on the lips which means the bold lip is alive and well in 2019. Aside from vampy and neon shades, beauty brands now offer unexpected lipstick colors like black, blue, green and more. Beauty icon Rihanna was spotted rocking electric lipsticks on several occasions. Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is behind this insanely dramatic makeup look that featured royal blue lip.

Dare to think outside of the box when it comes to lipsticks. Head over to the closest beauty shop and test some distinct colors. You never know what shade would look flattering on your complexion and personality!

Elongated Eyeshadow

The Makeup Looks You Will See Everywhere in 2019 Katy Perry wearing pink makeupPhoto Credit: @hungvanngo/Instagram

Elongated eyeshadow gives a seductive look to the eyes. You need to blend out your eyeshadow in a soft or intense feline shape to nail this makeup technique. For a soft effect, use a fluffy blending brush and elongate the eyeshadow with a light hand. For a heavy eyeshadow look, use an eye pencil to create the shape and then pack eyeshadow on top of it.

This makeup technique will elongate your eyes giving them a pretty almond shape. Makeup artists preferred round eyeshadow looks in the past years, but in 2019 it’s all about turning yourself into a real seductress.

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