The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019


by Ivana Hamilton February 21, 2019

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019

It’s another year of maximalism which means the new beauty trends are all about experimenting. Anyway, there’s no need to spend hours in front of the mirror to snatch your face or do your hair. Thanks to these new trends, you also don’t have to adopt the “less is more” philosophy to be effortlessly gorgeous in 2019. Take a look at all the chicest makeup, hair and nail trends that are so easy to embrace.

Shimmery Lids

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019 silver makeup and pink hairPhoto Credit: @jackieaina/Instagram

The struggle is real: glittery or shimmery lids? Thankfully, beauty brands now offer pressed glitter that you can use without glue. This user-friendly formula has made glitter mess-free and less overwhelming. However, glitter is a glam staple. You don’t really see ladies walking around with glitter all over their lids in the middle of the day. For this reason, it’s safe to say that shimmery eyeshadows have a slight advantage over glitter. You can add shimmer to your lids for any occasion from day to night. For a more toned-down effect, apply the shimmery eyeshadows with your fingers or a flat brush. Spray a bit of fixing spray on your brush to get that shimmery effect popping. Damp brushes pick up more pigment giving a strong foil or metallic effect depending on the eyeshadow formula.

There are so many ways to add shimmer to your makeup look. Apply shimmery eyeshadow all over your eyelids, and you'll have a glam look in minutes. You can blend out the edges a bit with a fluffy brush if needed. Cream formulas are even easier to use. If you have a tight schedule, make shimmery eyeshadows your besties. You can get gorgeous looks in minutes!

Invisible Brows

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019 bleached browsPhoto Credit: @jamesmolloymakeupartist

Is it time to say bye-bye to Instagram brows? It seems that there is a brow-apocalypse on the way! It all started with editorials where models rocked invisible brows. Also, many celebrities liked the idea and went browless. If your brows are too light, all you have to do is embrace their absence. It doesn’t get more effortless than this!

Faux blondes especially those with naturally dark hair might want to consider bleaching their brows or at least lightening them. Although these techniques sound very similar, there is a notable difference between them. Eyebrow bleaching will take out the natural color of your brows. On the other hand, eyebrow lightening will give you a more natural result lifting the color a few shades lighter than your natural brow color. There is quite a difference: bleached brows are for those who want to achieve that editorial look while lightened brows give a subtle change in the appearance. Both bleached and lightened brows require no filling in and less maintenance. Those who are desperately trying to fake thick arches will find the invisible brow trend very practical and time-saving.

At some point, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and more have gone browless, so you have plenty of inspo to get convinced to hide your arches.

Blotted Lips

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019 blotted lipstickPhoto Credit: @emilydoes_makeup/Instagram

This trend is a silent protest against the neatly drawn matte lips you see all over Instagram. It seems that Kylie Jenner got some serious competition! The advantage of her opponent: no one can mess up a blotted lip because there are no rules. It’s so perfectly imperfect that you don’t even need a mirror. There is no liner involved, so it’s all about creating that blurred effect you get after kissing someone with lipstick on your lips. Go ahead and kiss your crush if you want to try this trend!

Okay, if you don’t have a potential kisser on hand, you can fake this effect with makeup tools or with your fingers. The easiest way to achieve a perfectly blotted lip is to apply lipstick only in the center of your lips. You can use a fluffy brush (the one you usually use for blending eyeshadows) or your fingers. You can either buff the lipstick with a brush or smudge it with your fingers by patting outwards. If you want a classic faded lip, apply lipstick and let it sit. After a bit, blot the color off with a tissue to the point where you only have that wash of color that was stained on your lips. If you have always struggled with a precise lipstick application, the blotted lip trend will make your life easier.

Those who fear to wear bright and vampy color can finally give them a try with this subtle lipstick technique. Blotted lips won’t get ruined in the middle of the day or night because they were never perfect in the first place.

Smoked Marshmallow Hair

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019 smoked marshmallow hair blondePhoto Credit: @hairbymegaria/Instagram

Anyone wanted to go blonde but didn’t want to deal with the upkeep? Or maybe you want your sunkissed highlights to last a bit longer? Smoked marshmallow hair is the answer to your busy girl problems! If you have been in a relationship with the beloved balayage for quite a while, this new hair trend will make you question your hair coloring choices.

"Sometimes you don’t have time to upkeep your roots, so when you have a beautiful blend you have a little bit more leeway," hair colorist Meghan Martinez from Bakersfield, California who has invented the smoked marshmallow hair told Allure.

The secret to the smoked marshmallow hair coloring technique is dying strands in a way that will blend with your grown roots. The blend is a mix of highlights and lowlights that look fresh and pretty up to eight weeks instead of one month which is the case with most highlighting techniques. Any blonde and brunette can take advantage of this natural-looking hair trend with professional help. Although you need to pay a visit to the salon, you won’t need to touch up your color at least six weeks. The smoked marshmallow hair is perfect for busy and play-it-safe girls who want to keep up with the latest trends.

Eye-catching Hair Accessories

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019 updo with hair accessoriesPhoto Credit: @natalieannehair/Instagram

Statement hair accessories can do so much for your overall look not just for your hair. Embrace your natural hair texture with eye-catching hair accessories to effortlessly upgrade any hairstyle. Last year, celebrity and runway hairstylists proved that even bobby pins look pretty when used like actual hair accessories. You can also opt for more glamorous pieces or go for those cool ones with words. The trending hair accessories of 2019 are more ‘90s than boho, so you won’t have a single bad hair day considering all the options you got to style it.

Second Day Beachy Waves

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019 beachy waves Photo Credit: @natalieannehair/Instagram

California is calling babes! Messy second-day beachy waves are trending in 2019. This style goes great with both casual and dressy outfits giving you that LA girl vibe. Sometimes your hair looks stiff after styling it, which is another reason to embrace the next day waves. To refresh your hairstyle the next day use a dry shampoo on your roots and a nourishing serum on your ends. Products like these will pick up the excess oil that weights your hair down as well as keep the waves defined.

If you don’t have an extra day to wait, you can achieve this look with a one-inch curling iron (25mm) and lightweight texturizing hair spray. The spray will make the curls last without making your hair sticky.

Neon Nail Art

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019 neon nailsPhoto Credit: @thabatawyna/Instagram

You don’t have to wait for the temps to go up to rock a neon mani. The effortless side of neon nails is that you don’t need anything except a poppy nail polish. You can skip a visit to the salon and do your nails at home with a neon shade of your choice. You can go to a nail pro if you want something extra, but at-home neon manicures look just as eye-catching as the ones done by pros.

Clear Nails

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019 clear glitter nail artPhoto Credit: @paintboxnails/Instagram

There are so many ways to hop on the clear nails trend! For example, a layer of clear glitter nail polish without any colored base looks unbelievably pretty. You can work with colored graphics or french manicure right on your natural nails without using a neutral color as a base. Don’t forget to coat your nails with a layer of transparent nail polish to score that clear look that's trending right now.

3D Nails

The Most Effortless Beauty Trends to Try in 2019 clear 3D nails

Photo Credit: @fmds_nail/Instagram

Another way to get a killer nail manicure by yourself is to work with statement nail embellishments. Pick a color of your choice to use it as a base and stick some of those poppy nail decorations to upgrade your nail design. Don’t sleep on those sparkly nail stones especially when you have a glamorous occasion to attend! With these decorations, you can turn any manicure from basic to fantastic in just minutes.

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