These Were The Biggest Makeup Trends for 2018

by Kelsey Yoor July 12, 2018

These Were The Biggest Makeup Trends for 2018

Calling makeup connoisseurs everywhere – 2018 saw some pretty amazing and next level trends and they are only continuing on into the new year. Did your fave makeup make the list?

All that Glitters is Gold

gold glitter shadow

Keep busting out your best gold and sparkles, because 2018 loves a golden goddess. Whether you rock this trend on your eyelids, in your bronzer, or on your nails, the world will be bowing down to you.

Highlight of the Year


Glowy, dewy, shiny – however you prefer to label it, highlighter has really been having its time to, well, shine! A swipe here, a swipe there on the face, and you’re sparkling and looking moisturized everywhere you go!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

rainbow shadow

From eye shadow palettes to manicures to highlighter to bath bombs, even, rainbows have been all over the beauty world. Who doesn’t need a little more fun and whimsy in their daily life?

Strong Lashes

strong brows

Lengthening mascara, bold extensions, you name it! 2018 has been the era of lush lashes and full fans.

Rose are Red… So are Lips

red lips

A bold, matte red lip has been dominating street style and runways alike. There’s been nothing more evident this year than a love for standing out and unabashed fearlessness.

Eyes that Pop

white shadow

A smaller, less obvious trend, but one that beauty experts have been pulling all year: using a little light or white eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye to open them up and make them pop.

Blushing Beauties


No longer a beauty staple to be glossed over or left on the makeup counter, blush has been giving beauty influencers a healthy, rosy glow all year round!

Strong Girls Wearing Strong Eyeliner

strong eye liner

Whether a cat eye wing or a Cleopatra-inspired dramatic line, eyeliner that is bold, black, thick, and unafraid is the name of the eye game for serving up some inkylewks.

Eighties Neon, Baby

neon shadow

Bright colors and bold swatches have truly outlived the gnarly eighties and taken over the totally tubular 2010s with piercing lines of electric color.

‘90s Nudes

nude lips

Lips aren’t always pink and shadows aren’t always rainbow: neutral nods to the ‘90s are found in brown and beige lips all over. There really isn’t a better way to celebrate fall in 2018!

Strong, Tinted Brows

strong lashes

Further embracing natural beauty, 2018’s really played up strong brows, and a professional eyebrow tint to strengthen their appearance has been a beauty bloggers go to product.

Grunge Girly

grunge liner

We’re not always perfect, and beauty in 2018 isn’t either – in fact, it’s being hailed as a trend! From unfinished lower lid lining to smudged eyeliner, the grunge of the early ‘90s is alive and glam!

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