This Netflix Show Will Teach You How to Find Joy In Your Closet


by Ivana Hamilton February 21, 2019

This Netflix Show Will Teach You How to Find Joy In Your Closet

If you haven’t read the bookThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, your place must be full of things that don’t bring you joy. According to the decluttering guru Marie Kondo, you should get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy in your life. Yes, this includes that ginormous t-shirt and baggy sweatpants you wear every time you feel like you’d rather watch Netflix than deal with the real world.

Speaking of Netflix, Marie Kondo has a new show to help people declutter their houses and lives. She is well aware that not everyone likes to read self-help books. On the other hand, there isn’t a single soul out there who doesn’t love Netflix. Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix is a more user-friendly alternative that will urge you to throw even half of your belongings. The Queen of Tidiness made all of the eight episodes of the show available on January 1 to make sure no one is giving up on their New Year’s resolutions.

This Netflix Show Will Teach You How to Find Joy In Your Closet Marie KondoPhoto Credit: @mariekondo/Instagram

Marie Kondo has the answer to life without the stress of the mess for every type of person out there. Everyone from parents with small kids to empty nesters can benefit from this show. The secret is in keeping only the things that make you happy. Makes perfect sense, don’t you think so? All the stress will go away when you get rid of the things that don’t spark a good feeling.

Is Marie Kondo’s theory working? You’ll only know if you give it a try! And what else could you lose except stuff that doesn’t bring you joy? Honestly, there will be bumps on the way to a clutter-free life. Shall we start with your clothes because this is a hard one for most people? You have to go through every single piece of clothing you own and keep only the ones that make you happy. The same applies to every item in your house. Check every corner, every souvenir, every cup, everything! Leave only those things that still put a smile on your face. You’ll end up with a joyless pile of clothes and a bunch of other things that you don't need. Get rid of those things ASAP to make your home Kondo clean.

You think Marie Kondo’s technique is a bit extreme? Are you sure it’s not just another excuse of yours to skip an intense cleaning session of your house? In case you need extra motivation, many people on the internet claim that live a more joyful life thanks to Marie Kondo. Here are some of the highlights on Twitter:


Don’t you wonder, where does all the joyless stuff go? It turns out many people are donating or selling their unwanted items. Second-hand shops and online resellers credit Marie Kondo for the expansion of their business. Many second-hand retailers among which Poshmark and Buffalo Exchange admitted that the Marie Kondo effect is real! Poshmark has noticed a whopping 64% increase in listings in the first week of January while Buffalo Exchange has trouble to fit all the new clothing that keeps coming.

If you are going to watch Netflix anyway, you might want to check outTidying Up with Marie Kondo to find your joy! Here is one flawlessly decluttered, KonMari-approved closet to get you inspired!



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