Top 13 Fun Electric Guitar Facts

by Ivana Hamilton March 06, 2019

Top 13 Fun Electric Guitar Facts

The electric guitar is one of the most interesting instruments that was introduced to the world of music decades ago. At first, only Gibson Les Paul and Fender were selling guitars and their instruments produced a very different sound. Both brands catered to many legendary guitar players over the years. Nowadays there are a lot of brands that sell guitars at different prices. Whether you play electric guitar or enjoy its sound, take a look at the most interesting facts about your favorite instrument.

1. Solid wood is the main material for electric guitars.

2. George Beauchamp invented the first electrically amplified guitar in 1931.

3. Gibson introduced its first electric guitar in 1936. Stratocaster produced its first guitar almost two decades later, in 1954.

4. The first fully electric guitar was introduced in 1940.

5. BB King revolutionized modern rock music with his amazing guitar playing style in 1949.

6. There are many electric guitar types – solid body, chambered bodies, semi-acoustic, full hollow-body, and electric Acoustic.

7. There are also many string bridge and neck variants such as one string, four string, seven string, eight string, nine string, ten string, twelve string, double neck guitar, and even five-neck guitar.

8. The invention of the electric guitar immensely influenced the world of music like no other instrument in the 20th century. This electric guitar upgraded many old genres and enabled the creation of new genres. Nowadays there isn’t a single band that doesn’t use an electric guitar or electric bass guitar.

9. The electric guitar is the primary instrument in many music genres such as rock, pop, metal, punk, blues, jazz, reggae and more producing different sounds from just six strings.

10. The electric guitar relies on electromagnetic to convert the vibrations of its metal strings into electric signals.

11. It also uses tremolo arms that can be fixed and removed when the pitch of the strings needs to change.

12. Left-handed guitarists need different guitars than right-handed guitarists. However, left-handed guitarists could play right-handed electric guitars if they are strung differently.

13. One of the best guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix played a Fender Stratocaster, and he experimented with its sound in a variety of ways.

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