52 Best NYC Restaurants Scratch-Off Poster

Product description

Foodies rejoice! When it comes to the best eateries in these top cities, look no further than these 52 delicious dining spots. 

With something for every palate (seafood, anyone? Or perhaps something from Italy?) and restaurants at every price point, this poster discovers tasty new gems in different boroughs featuring cuisines from around the world - and close to home.

The answer to “where do you wanna eat?” will never have to be a shrug anymore as you scratch off and experience 52 new fooderies - and hopefully discover a new favorite go-to! Choose to explore the call of New York City and fill up on the good stuff.



  • Just below the name of the restaurant, you will see a district in which the restaurant is located.
  • There is even a specialty picked for each restaurant!
  • The restaurants also have a price range, marked from $ up to $$$.
  • The list contains restaurants of large variety so everyone can find something to enjoy.



  • Scratch-off poster of 52 restaurants 
  • Made from 300 gsm wood-free gloss paper
  • Measures 23.2" H x 16.5" W


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