About Us


Trendiness is a collective of what’s new, what’s interesting and what stands out from the crowd.

We are first and foremost a media company, dedicated to staying on top of pop culture and trends in beauty, food, style, health, home and more. Think of us as your hub of current content and of keeping you connected to the things that interest you.



We say YES to trends and we say YES to trendy brands, which is why we also offer a shopping integration to keep your quest for the best brands streamlined and accessible.

Anything trendy, unique, exceptional, never-seen-before - that's what we love.

We only work with the coolest brands & artists that catch our eye - and we're also behind some of your favorite brands out there.



For trendsetters and cool shoppers, we feature a variety of items that only represent the best, what’s new - and what’s next. Trendiness is proudly the hot spot for content and shopping alike and is always moving forward.


Keeping on top of trends and bringing them directly to you is what we do - in fact, it’s all we do. For what’s current, what’s unique, what's interesting, what's buzzworthy, what's exceptional - we hope you’ll turn to Trendiness.



Where are you based? We have offices in California, Paris, and Belgrade.
Is your site secure? 100%. We use SSL encryption and take security very seriously.
Do you offer support? You can call and e-mail us 24/7.