75 Romance Novels Scratch-Off Poster

Product description

If you love a good romantic story, if you live for lovers coming together (and the struggles true love must endure) then have we got 75 fantastic books for you!


Boasting incredible cover artwork and a selection of romance novels that run the gambit from classic to modern, from fantastical to urban reality, this poster is a must-have for any big-hearted bookworm.


If you have an OTP - and always love rooting for another plucky protagonist - then no library of romance novels is complete without this poster. Scratch off every time you finish a book and discover a new favorite - that’s 75 happily ever afters, 75 passionate kisses and 75 chances for love to bloom!



  • Relive your favorite stories or get swept up in a brand new hero’s journey!
  • Don’t be paralyzed by indecision - with 75 perfectly curated romance novels, your choices are narrowed down to only the best.
  • Each covered book on the poster can be scratched off upon completion to reveal gorgeous cover art and proudly proclaim your reading list progress.



    • Scratch-off poster of 75 romance books.
    • Made from 300 gsm wood-free gloss paper
    • Measures 23.2" H x 16.5" W
    • Brand: The Scratch Collective


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