Extendable 3 Axis Smartphone Stabilizer

Product description

This Extendable 3 Axis Smartphone Stabilizer is a useful accessory for travelers and photography lovers that will help you take awesome selfies and group photos thanks to the long extension bar, and the innovative smartphone mount that easily adapts itself in different shooting scenes.


  • Retractable Pole: The max length is 183mm. The telescoping bar could be extended and retracted among 0-183mm, which can make the beautiful scenery be framed in easily. Especially helpful for taking selfies photo and video.
  • Supported Mobile Device Width Size: 57-84mm.
  • Bluetooth Shutter: After the operation of bluetooth shutter button was fully upgraded, you can choose APP or bluetooth button one you like to take photo or video.You can just click one button to take photos or video.
  • New Vicool App: Vicool comes with face tracking, specified object tracking, zoom function, video editing and sharing, firmware upgrade, parameters settings and other functions.
  • Auto-rotation Function: Work with timelapse function of smart phone and auto-rotation mode of Vimble 2, we can perform timelapse and motionlapse video.


10-20 days for US delivery
2-3 weeks for international delivery
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