LED Neon Arrow Wall Hanging

Product description
This LED Neon Arrow Wall Hanging will create a warm and welcoming glow at parties and
special events, it will also create a fancy and romantic atmosphere for a date night, and it makes
a stylish decorative element for your home, bar, restaurant, club, shop
or as props for


  • Create a cozy and romantic atmosphere LED lights.
  • Used as every day home decor, great for fireplace, picture window, yard or as the photo / set of props. An attention grabber and draw eyes as the apex of your wedding, party, special event, etc. 
  • portable & versatile
  • Integrated hook suspension hanger for easy viewing on the wall or      
  • Decorated in the bedroomn, just rest on the , desk or dresser. 
  • Can be displayed stand-alone or combined with other parts to create an eclectic lighting installation. 
  • Durable & Energy-Saving & Economical 
  • LED lamp does not produce heat after long-time use. 
  • Plastic outer, sturdy but not too heavy.


  • Size: 41.4cm x 20.3cm
  • Color : Blue 
  • Cable:1.8m    
  • Votage: 12V DC port
10-20 days for US delivery
2-3 weeks for international delivery
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