Lilia™ - Smart Leggings

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84% of customers who bought the Lilia™ leggings also bought the Sofia™ shaper.

What are Lilia™ Leggings?

Just like the Sofia™ body shaper, Lilia™ focuses on weight loss and anti-cellulite through its unique combination of special ingredients such as red algae, almond oil, or buckwheat, that are micro-encapsulated directly into the textile to provide long-term, continuous benefits.

It also uses unique sewing techniques from the high-end shapewear industry, to instantly lift the butt, flatten the tummy, shape the legs.



  • IMMEDIATE RESULT - Unique sewing techniques for shaping the waist, hip, belly, and legs to look better and slimmer instantly!
  • LONG-TERM RESULTS - Special micro-encapsulated cosmetic ingredients within the textile to promote weight loss and remove cellulite.
  • JUST WEAR IT - and look slimmer instantly, while letting the beauty ingredients penetrate your skin over time.
  • LASTS 8 WEEKS - The powerful action of the active ingredients can last for up to 8 weeks. Visible results can appear within 2 weeks.
  • WASHING MACHINE SAFE - the microcapsules are designed to resist more than 40 washes before they degrade. Thus, the cosmetic action is guaranteed throughout the entire period of treatment. For longer lasting action, cold hand wash is recommended.
  • WHENEVER YOU WANT - The capsules won't degrade if you won't wear the leggings, so you don't have to wear them every day - a few days a week is enough.
  • SEAMLESS & COMFORTABLE - High elasticity provides comfort and seamlessness. 



      • Fabric: 96% Polyester, 4% Elastane
      • Active ingredients: Caffeine, shea butter, red algae, almond oil, buckwheat, garcinia cambogia, lavender, Chinese bamboo extract, sophora flower, ginkgo leaf, forskolin
      • Cold wash only. No drying machine
      • Capsule resistance: ~40 washes
      • Not recommended for pregnant women



      WAIST (cm)
      S 4-8 34-38 6-10
      62-72 (24-28")
      M/L 8-12 38-42 10-14
      70-83 (28-33")
      XL 10-14 40-44 12-16
      75-92.5 (30-36")
      XXL 14-20 44-50 16-22
      90-110 (35-43")
      3XL 20-26 50-56 22-28
      110-130 (43-51")