Smart Alarm Clock

Product description

This Smart Alarm Clock allows you not only to set the alarm but a variety of other functions that you can control with just your voice. The voice command works with the Mijia app that you can also use to control other Xiaomi devices. You can set up to 30 different alarms using your voice and snooze the alarm by voice. Other smart functions of this alarm clock include the capacity to take down up to 80 reminders, broadcast weather conditions, road conditions, news and give answers to questions. You can also use it as a timer. The translation function supports both English and Chinese.

It has a large digital display that shows the time and a smart speaker that ensures high-quality function and clear communication. The Smart Alarm Clock has a very minimalistic and modern design that will match any home decor. There is a button at the top of the clock for disabling alarms or muting the microphone. 

The digital display is automatically sensitive to light. For instance, when the lights are off, the Smart Alarm Clock will lower its light intensity to ensure a pleasant sleeping environment for the sleeper.

The Smart Alarm Clock is practically life and work assistant that does a lot more than just waking you up on time. You can even stream audio from different internet radio stations, read recipes, stock reports, poems and more!



  • Can Be Used as Alarm Clock and Timer
  • Automatic Time Calibration
  • A Smart ‘Housekeeper’ On Standby All Time
  • Large Digital Display With Automatic Sensitization
  • Multifunction “Notepad”
  • Stream Radio Stations

 Product Specifics:

  • Color: White
  • Material: High-quality ABS
  • Weight: 200gr
  • Strong and Solid Metal Shell
10-20 days for US delivery
2-3 weeks for international delivery
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